Who We Are

Puerto Ricans in Florida Cultural Organization, Inc. is a cultural enterprise that celebrates the Hispanic heritage and cultural pride of its members by keeping traditions and values alive.

Puerto Rico, a tiny island in the middle of the Caribbean, has been providing Florida one of its most important imports. As one of the premier destinations for Puerto Ricans relocating to the Mainland, the Islanders have brought to Florida their significant brain power and ever increasing economic clout.

Although Puerto Ricans are American citizens, they maintain their historical identity through the Spanish language and their cultural traditions.

In 1975, cognizant of this innate desire to honor their heritage, Norman and Key Kerr, Bill and Patty Rogers and Jim Hunters became the leaders and founders of a State wide initiative that culminated in the creation of Puerto Ricans in Florida Cultural Organization. With the help of Herb and Lucile Warfel and Weldon and Hope Manwaring the first Annual Meeting was held in Clewiston, Florida a year later.

Their idea germinated and gained support throughout the State and the need to formalize the organization became apparent, resulting in the formal incorporation on December 27, 1989.

became alive and the first chairman of the board, Francisco S. , was elected. Puerto Ricans in Florida Cultural Organization, Inc., as it is officially known, has grown its membership steadily and is no a very solid, organized, and smooth running, not-for-profit corporation. Its Board of Directors meets at least 3 times a year.

Puerto Ricans in Florida Cultural Organization, Inc. seeks to promote greater understanding of the uniqueness of the Puerto Rican culture by connecting the ideas and resources of this group to those of other Florida residents for the benefits of all.

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